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Interesting times at work.

He admitted in short, "We Done Screwed up, we will make it better."

From: Chief Information Officer
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 5:17 PM
Subject: Announcing a New End User Support "Zone-Based" Model

Dear  Colleagues,

Last fall,  began a process to centralize IT end user support that we provide to our 120,000+ New York State employees. This resulted in a fully centralized workforce for help desk support effective in March of this year.  However, feedback from our clients and our  team, and our key metrics, indicated that the centralized model was not achieving the satisfaction levels we desire and our clients deserve and expect.

Today, based on our experience and the valuable feedback of our  team, I am pleased to announce that we are implementing a new “zone-based” approach for deploying our people, processes and tools to better meet the needs of our client end users. This new geographic “zone-based” model places resources closer in proximity (often on-site) to the state staff we support and allows our team to be better integrated with the vital work of the people we serve.

To support the new geographic approach we have, within our End User Services team, developed a well-planned execution model that will increase the number of  employees directly supporting our end users.  In the coming weeks, there will be opportunities for you to apply for roles in the zones in which you are interested.

We will hold a town hall meeting for our  employees in our End User Services group to discuss these plans in further detail on Tuesday, July 18, at the CNSE in Albany.  For those of you who are not located in the Capital District, an interactive WebEx will be available and follow-on region-specific meetings will be scheduled.  We will provide additional details on the upcoming meeting directly to End User Services staff.

I am very excited about this change. I believe it will enable our resources to be better aligned, both by geographic location and agency knowledge, with our clients we support and will significantly improve services delivered.

I would like to personally thank those team members who assisted in examining and creating this new approach. Working together, we will continue to deploy solutions and strategies that best serve our clients.

All the best,

Robert H. Samson
New York State Chief Information Officer

NYS Office of Information Technology Services

Republicans = Lying F*cks

OBAMA what?? Oh let's blame the black guy while we (GOP) make the cuts

Imagine my dismay when a pop-up appeared that lead me to this "petition site"

The $tupid

Warning Rant Ahead.

Back story,

About 6 months ago, my then former department, purchased two desktop PC's
Then put MS Server 2008 Enterprise on it ... oh did I mention 64 BIT edition,
to use as print servers.. The paper saving software was a failure, the drivers were a nightmare to install and the endusers and department were not happy.

About 5.5 months ago I was re-assigned to my former department.

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Not here Moved On

I've moved on and did not let anyone know....

FIND ME HERE  Geekyfibernews @ Blogspot.

LJ can kiss my nether regions


Nov. 4th, 2008

As the world turns

VOTE .....

Great Schlepp!!!

Manchurian Candidate

The following two articles are required reading for my republican friends out there.


John McCain: The Manchurian Candidate

By Ted Sampley
U.S. Veteran Dispatch
December 1992 Issue


John McCain Is No "Hero POW"
He was a survivor

By Ted Sampley
U.S. Veteran Dispatch
November 1999

I am so glad that the "memory hole" from 1984 did not get the above.

Pic of the day


Engineer's guide to cats