April 25th, 2019


Yesterday at work

 I had three people, who after submitting tickets, raised a ruckus about getting no service, getting to the front of the line then refusing to work right then and there with me to solve the problems. This was before lunch and after a meeting which made me late for lunch.After that the entire group that manages user access failed to act on requests that they closed, that's right closed three weeks ago, but customer relations escalated back to me; even though I gave the manager the documentation along with that ENTIRE GROUP three freaking weeks ago.. with group names and shares. Somewhere during this day I also discovered one of our small sites MOVED and did not put a request in to move the network along with them.. did I mention I also discovered that our beloved vendor replaced an HP printer with a Toshiba and 8 people started printing in Martian and none of them wanted to work with me either?...then you wonder why I want to work in Tech Support...