rstormcrow (rstormcrow) wrote,

The $tupid

Warning Rant Ahead.

Back story,

About 6 months ago, my then former department, purchased two desktop PC's
Then put MS Server 2008 Enterprise on it ... oh did I mention 64 BIT edition,
to use as print servers.. The paper saving software was a failure, the drivers were a nightmare to install and the endusers and department were not happy.

About 5.5 months ago I was re-assigned to my former department.

One of the projects they assigned to me was these two bastardized servers with an environment that near unto impossible to put 32 bit drivers on.

So, First meeting, January.. I suggest we roll back to 32 bit server, put the manufacture's drivers on it and everyone goes home happy .... Sorry we want to keep the 64 Bit environment; make it work.... So February Bleeds Into March
and the first deploy goes well until some users can't load the drivers because...

Legacy POLICY pushed by another agency....... and then the 32 bit environment looks a whole lot better to my bosses... and I don't get back that two months of my life and I get to build it all over AGAIN

Tags: the stupid

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